List of causes for charity

Here is the list of causes that has been collated for this year’s edition of The Wipro Chennai Marathon, these causes are from the Education and Healthcare sectors and span a wide variety of needs in each of these sectors. We have partnered with a few NGOs on the ground to implement the programs in the most effective manner possible. You can read more about these causes by clicking on the respective boxes. We sincerely hope you will find a cause that is dear to you and we look forward to achieving our targets with the support of your invaluable contribution!
Get to know your NGO better! Join the discussions on the official TWCM 2016 Charity giving group at and make an informed decision.

List of causes in the Healthcare sector

Cancer Awareness, prevention and treatment

Objective: Conduct screening camps and awareness campaigns to increase awareness, understanding of symptoms, diagnosis etc; thereby increasing early detection and on time treatment.
NGO Partner: Udhavum Ullangal

Improved sanitation infrastructure in schools

Objective: Inculcate good sanitation practices in children, prevent health problems and reduce dropouts from schools (especially girls after attaining puberty) owing to lack of awareness and infrastructure.
NGO Partner: United Way Chennai

Enabling free heart surgeries for infants

Objective: Provide equipment for paediatric cardiac health center to enable the doctors in VHS to perform free heart surgeries to correct congenital heart diseases in infants.
NGO Partner: Voluntary Health Services (VHS Chennai)

Improving quality of Palliative care

Objective: Provide improved Palliative care in Tamil Nadu. Palliative care is a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare, encompassing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual care for patients with serious illnesses thereby improving their quality of life.
NGO Partner: DEAN Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society of India(MSSI)

List of causes in the Education sector

Educating Rural India

Objective: Offer quality education for children in rural areas to empower them to participate in and benefit from India’s economic growth.
NGO Partner: Isha Vidhya

Holistic education and healthcare for marginalized children

Objective: Provide comprehensive education (academic, sports, soft skills) and healthcare (nutrition care, medical camps, psychological counselling) to the marginalized children aimed at equipping them to lead a fulfilling life.
NGO Partner: Aide-et-Action, ChildVoice, YRG Care, International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care(PCVC)

Digital enablement of education

Objective: Increasing conceptual understanding and analytical thinking of children thereby reducing school dropouts and improving pass percentage.
NGO Partner: AID India

Support for people with disabilities

Objective: Providing support (education, training, employment generation and rehabilitation services) for physically disabled people and help them integrate with mainstream society.
NGO Partner: Amar Seva Sangam

Targeted Skill development for special children

Objective: To provide targeted skill development for special children aimed at improving their self-reliance, self-worth and dignity.
NGO Partner: Ramana Sunritya Aalaya(RASA),Swabodhini, Sri Arunodayam, Vasantham, V-Excel

Improving Quality of education

Objective: Work towards improving quality of education in government schools to reduce the problem of inequity in education and equip children with the knowledge and skills required to keep them in good stead.
NGO Partner: Isha Vidhya, Bhumi, Teach for India


If you are unclear on which cause to support but nevertheless you want to contribute towards charity, you need look no further!! United Way of Chennai will ensure that your investment reaps the best rewards for the overall society.

Event Details

RaceThe Wipro Chennai Marathon
Race DayJan 08th 2017

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