About LetzChange

LetzChange is an online giving and peer-to-peer fundraising platform, inspiring donors to raise funds for the charities listed on the portal. The aim is to help non-profits located in the remotest of corners discover the power of the online space. The tools and services offered prove to be useful for raising funds, as it widens their donor base and provides them with a support system they could rely on.

Usually, smaller non-profits barely have the resources and budget to market their initiatives, eluding them from reaching out to a potentially large donor base. In such a scenario, word-of-mouth publicity and leveraging the fast-growing social network of individuals is the most ideal and futuristic way for charities to reach more potential donors. Our tools ensure just that by enabling donors to spread the word about the organization they support among their network and seek their support for the same.

Being a not-for-profit that believes in empowering committed Indian charities, LetzChange doesn’t charge any fee for the transactions or services offered, implying that the entire donated amount reaches the partner NGO.

Since the launch in 2014, 300+ charities have raised a cumulative of more than Rs. 8 Crore on LetzChange.

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Event Details

RaceThe Wipro Chennai Marathon 2017
Race Day3rd December 2017